Since 24 April 2015, it has not been possible to apply for entry clearance or leave to remain as a ‘student visitor’. Routes for various types of ‘short-term student’ have been introduced instead.

The old ‘Student Visitor Visa’ (SVV) has been replaced by the Short Term Study Visa (STSV).  This is a change in name only – the eligibility requirements remain the same.  For more information regarding these requirements, please visit the UKCISA website.

Additional information regarding eligible institutions can be found at the UK Government website.  Please note that the organisations listed under ‘where you can study’ does not currently include institutions accredited by the BAC.  THIS IS AN ERROR. BAC accredited institutions are still recognised for the purposes of recruiting students who wish to study in the UK via the Short Term Study Visa route.  We are working with UK Government to rectify this oversight and update this list appropriately.  UPDATE – THIS LISTING ERROR HAS NOW BEEN RECTIFIED (01/05/2015)

If you have any questions regarding the changes to student visitor visa requirements, please contact us at