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BAC Thematic Review

BAC has undertaken the first thematic review of inspections conducted under the Independent Higher Education scheme between 2015 – 2018. The review identified trends within the inspection reports which include areas requiring improvements (e.g. not meeting BAC standards) and identified areas of strength or good practice.  The review focused on two inspection areas; General Academic Management and Administration and Quality Management Assurance and Enhancement.

Thematic review – May 2019


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BAC Stakeholder Forum – overview of the event

BAC Documents

BAC Strategic Plan

The BAC Interim Strategic Plan outlines BAC’s strategic objectives from 2019-2022.


The Accreditation Handbook contains all of our standards and procedures, including detail relating to the accreditation process and the continuing responsibilities of an accredited institution.

Scheme Documents

The scheme documents provide information on our accreditation schemes.