BAC Independent English Language Provider Accreditation Scheme

To meet the global need for the delivery of high-quality English language education,
BAC’s Independent English Language Provider accreditation scheme has been developed by trusted experts in the accreditation and English Language field to raise quality standards.

This world-class scheme offers providers a unique opportunity to stand out in this increasingly growing and competitive market.

The areas assessed at a full inspection are grouped into five sections: .

  •  Management, staffing, administration and quality Assurance

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • Learner Welfare

  • Premises and facilities

  • ODBL (if applicable)

The management of quality and the provider’s quality assurance procedures are assessed throughout each area of inspection.

Achievement in all these areas awards you accreditation by the British Accreditation Council for three years.

How to apply

Full details on the application and inspection process are outlined in the what is involved section. To process with the application please complete the enquiry form and send it to A member of staff will then contact you to discuss the next steps

The benefits of the
BAC Independent English
Language Provider
Accreditation Scheme

A Marketing Support Pack that
provides you with marketing
tools for marketing activities
and campaigns to help grow
your business.

Listing on the BAC directory
and access to the esteemed
BAC quality mark to promote
your institution

Stand out in a competitive
market to attract and retain
more students.

Provide assurance and
confidence for potential



“BAC accreditation has led to
increased international exposure
which we did not previously have.
A greater international profile adds to
our institutional credibility and
standing with stakeholders and also is
one of the factors that sets us apart.”
The Independent Institute of
Education, South Africa

“The marketing support and guidance
has been invaluable in assisting us to
create marketing collateral for events
and for marketing campaigns.
Knowing that we can speak of – and
share – the same values is critical in
helping our audience make an
informed choice of provider.”
Real Group

“The inspection provided us with a
wonderful opportunity to reflect on
our management procedures, work
with colleagues in teams, and get
expert advice on a number of areas
of our operation. The inspection has
been a learning experience for all
New York College, Athens &

“We gained great insight through the
process on areas where we can make
positive adjustments.”

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