Gaining accreditation is not the end of the process.

An accredited institution has continuing responsibilities both to maintain the standards required for BAC accreditation and to cooperate fully with us in our monitoring of these standards.

Accredited institutions must:

  • continue to comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • continue to maintain all of the minimum standards required for BAC accreditation
  • work to meet the requirements set out in previous inspection reports and consider the additional recommendations
  • submit to our regular monitoring procedures, including annual returns, interim inspections and spot checks
  • notify us of any significant changes
  • respond promptly to any requests from us for information
  • address to our satisfaction any concerns raised by government or other bodies with which we share information
  • cooperate fully and promptly with our complaints procedure
  • pay an annual accreditation fee and any inspection fees incurred
  • submit an application for reaccreditation and undergo a full reaccreditation inspection before the expiry date of your current accreditation

The failure of an institution to meet any of the above requirements may lead to the suspension or withdrawal of accreditation.