Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a selection of packages in popular areas of consultancy such as a Health Check in preparation for Educational Oversight (EO) or setting up a new institution. Full details of our packages are available on our website or by contacting the BAC Consultancy service.
Where clients know of a consultant who is on the BAC Consultancy register, they may make a request for that consultant to be approached regarding the assignment. However, BAC reserves the right to suggest other consultants who it considers to have the appropriate experience and expertise for the assignment.
No, BAC consultancy is available to everyone – any institution or individual looking to set up an institution can apply for consultancy.
BAC has a register of consultants based all across the UK. We will always endeavour to select the most local expert available for on-site assignments.
Don’t worry, BAC will source a specialist consultant for you, even if they are not on our current register. BAC has over 30 years experience in the independent HE and FE sector and has forged a vast variety of expert contacts during this time.
No. While BAC’s specialist EO consultants can give expert guidance on the relevant oversight body’s standards and requirements, it is the institution’s responsibility to ensure compliance at the time of audit/inspection and remaining compliance.
Consulting fees are £600 per day (based on one consultant) – assignments within the UK. Fees for larger scale consulting and international daily fee and packages will be worked out on an individual basis.
No, to secure the experts in the sector, BAC pays its consultants the going rates for consultancy and as consultants are self-employed, this excludes their expenses. BAC will always select the nearest consultant with the relevant expertise to try and keep expenses as low as possible for the client. The general cost of expenses will be pre-agreed in the Scope of Provision document. The consultant will invoice on the day of the assignment providing a detailed breakdown and receipts. The consultant must be reimbursed at the time of the assignment.
All fees must be paid prior to the consultant carrying out the work. Once the Scope of Provision document has been agreed and signed, BAC’s finance team will raise an invoice with the client.
No, as BAC operates under BAC the charity, fees are not subject to VAT.
All BACEC consultants are contractually obliged to sign a contract and Code of Conduct which forbids them from giving consultancy to an institution with which they have been previously involved as an inspector or auditor for BAC or other body. It also prevents them from auditing or inspecting that institution in the future for an Educational Oversight body. Consultants also annually sign a Declaration of Interest, stating which institutions they have been involved with and in what capacity. BAC keeps thorough records of its consultants’ activity to prevent any potential conflict of interest.
Yes. BAC and its consultants are insured by BAC’s professional indemnity insurance policy, which covers the work undertaken by BAC inspectors and BAC consultants.

A client may contact the assigned consultant prior to the assignment to arrange travel, timings and preparations as necessary. Other queries should come through the BAC.

After the consultancy has taken place, a client may get in touch with the consultant with a couple of quick questions about the assignment, within reason. Any substantial queries which will require time and effort from the consultant, will be considered additional consultancy and may be subject to additional fees.

If the client would like to enlist the consultant again, the request must come through BAC and not by contacting the consultant directly. Any attempt to engage the consultant directly, once an agreement with BAC has been entered into, will result in legal action.

The Scope of Provision agreement is decided directly with the client and is signed by both parties to ensure that all aspects of the consultancy assignment are pre-agreed and the client is satisfied that all needs are included. We solicit feedback from clients following the assignment and the data collected informs our quality assurance monitoring. All BAC consultants are highly experienced and skilled in the HE and FE sector and the most suitable consultant will be selected in the specialist area of the assignment.
BACEC provides bespoke consultancy to ensure the exact requirements of its clients are covered so they receive the best help available. All services are tailor-made around the details provided in the application form. BAC offers a personal service with a dedicated person, who will personally handle all assignments from initial enquiry through to the final report, if required, and feedback from the client.