Public assurance in the private sector

BAC has been working in the sector for nearly 30 years, setting standards, helping institutions to develop and providing a public assurance of quality.

The British Accreditation Council has for nearly three decades been the principal non-EFL accrediting body in the ever-growing sectors of independent further and higher education and training.


BAC aims to be an established, diverse and leading education charity for the independent further and higher education and training sectors. It is focused on expanding its accreditation and consultancy activities in the UK and international markets. Linked to this, BAC aims to be recognised by UK and overseas governments as an influential voice on standards and quality for the independent education sector.


BAC’s aim is to provide respected and rigorous inspection-based accreditation to enhance the standards and quality of independent further and higher education and training providers. It also offers a bespoke consultancy service.

There are now hundreds of BAC-accredited colleges in the UK and internationally, providing a wealth of academic programmes, including vocational and professional qualifications, foundation courses for university entry, and externally validated degree courses.

As well as providing clear guidance to prospective students, we want to encourage continuing improvement in the general standard and quality of independent education.

While the BAC is not a membership organisation, and indeed must maintain an objective distance from institutions to preserve the value of our accreditation, we are nevertheless dedicated to helping colleges in their efforts for continual improvement.