Some testimonials from institutions who have been through the inspection process:

“Since achieving BAC accreditation, participant numbers have increased substantially, from 10 to a current total of 80.” – London College of Style

“We feel it is useful as a verification to ourselves that our procedures are relevant and in good working order.” IMA International

“Made us realise that we need to produce more concrete evidence/documentation of the procedures and policies which are already in place.” Wallace College

“We felt supported and were treated respectfully.” NSPC

“We gained a great insight through the inspection process on areas where we can make positive adjustments.” CIEE

“Reassurance that we are meeting the standards created by BAC and helpful feedback on any other areas that may be improved upon.” Bath Academy of Media Makeup

“The overall process meant that we had to be rigorous with the documentation which helps us to maintain standards.” Interior Design School

“BAC provides a rigorous framework which has helped us to focus on the key areas for QA.” Cambridge Dream

“A positive process that highlighted and reaffirmed the reasons for our processes.” CGG Services

“During the two day inspection the inspector put us at ease and encouraged free flowing conversation when discussing the various aspects of the Academy’s business, teaching and quality processes. The team have in the main come from a University background and our experience of inspections had meant we were quite anxious. This experience was in our opinion a more balanced and realistic approach to gathering information, undertaking observations and meetings with both staff and students.” Covent Garden Academy of Flowers

“We initially considered allowing our BAC accreditation to lapse (since we had obtained QAA oversight). However, we decided that the time and expense involved in maintaining an extra layer of accreditation was well worth it, as we have always found the BAC’s advice and guidance to be very beneficial.”

“Drawing on his long & distinguished experience of quality assurance, the inspector identified several areas where WISC could improve its systems & practices. In particular, his advise regarding adapting our disability policy, handbook, website & feedback from students was especially helpful. We are grateful to the inspector for taking the time to scrutinise our operations so carefully and consciously!”  Washington International Studies Council

“The inspection provided us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our management procedures, work with colleagues in teams, and get expert advice on a number of areas of our operation. The inspection has been a learning experience for all involved.” New York College, Athens & Thessaloniki

“The inspection process is an excellent exercise in looking at our own processes.” The Iver Academy

“A very positive and beneficial process. The inspection was an added evaluation method to both highlight our strengths and development edges”. Findhorn Foundation College.

“Would highly recommend BAC to other providers. Very pleased with all contact and the overall organisation of the inspection – Thank you.” Ardmay House International Summer School