Accreditation is based on an inspection of the full range of your institution’s provision, and we also require evidence that your management maintains acceptable standards and its legal obligations during the period of accreditation.

Prospective institutions undergo a first level of scrutiny by BAC staff through the application review stage. Once this is completed, you will receive a rigorous inspection which assesses your provision against the minimum standards set out in the relevant scheme document. A report of this inspection is then considered by the Accreditation Committee, which can then decide to award, defer or refuse accreditation based on the evidence of whether all minimum standards have been met.

Once you have read all the information on this website and in the Accreditation Handbook and scheme documents, should you still have any questions you are invited to contact our office by email or telephone. We organise regular seminars introducing prospective applicants to the principles of accreditation and exploring the process in more detail; details of forthcoming seminars are published on this website.

Whilst our inspectors and staff always attempt to offer helpful advice, you should bear in mind that we are primarily an inspection body. In applying for accreditation, you must be prepared to accept constructive criticism of your provision as well as positive comment on good practice.

What steps are involved in the accreditation process?

  • Research and preparation by the institution.
  • The institution completes and submits its application for accreditation.
  • BAC reviews the application form and supporting documentation.
  • BAC arranges an inspection in consultation with the institution.
  • The institution completes and submits its application for accreditation.
  • The institution submits its self-evaluation documentation against defined criteria.
  • The inspection is conducted by a specialist inspection team.
  • The inspection report is submitted to BAC.
  • The inspection report is considered by the Accreditation Committee.
  • BAC notifies the institution of the Accreditation Committee’s decision.

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