The primary method for assessing whether an institution meets the standards required for accreditation is an on-site inspection carried out by independent inspectors who are appointed and trained by BAC. No institution will be awarded accreditation or reaccreditation without full inspection of its provision.

In addition to the full accreditation and reaccreditation inspections which follow applications by institutions, we organise a number of other inspections for specific reasons, including:

  • Supplementary inspections of institutions which have had a decision on accreditation deferred
  • Supplementary inspections of accredited institutions which have undergone significant changes
  • Interim inspections of accredited institutions during the period of accreditation
  • Spot checks of accredited institutions for BAC’s monitoring purposes

While our inspections are key to assessing whether or not your institution should be accredited, they are also intended to provide advice and support within your own framework of quality management. The inspectors used are all educational experts with extensive knowledge of the sector who will be happy to share examples of good practice and to suggest ways in which your institution can continue to improve its provision beyond our minimum standards.