College scheme logoIf you are thinking of having your strengths recognised against an established standard, then it makes sense to use the original and proven accreditation service: The British Accreditation Council.

Achieving Educational Oversight is essential if you’re seeking Tier 4 students, but is it enough to make you the first choice for your prospective students? An independent audit of your premises, processes and staff by an experienced, highly respected accreditation body can help provide that distinctive edge.

Started in 1984, college accreditation is BAC’s longest established quality assurance scheme.

This scheme involves application and self-evaluation followed by a detailed on-site inspection which covers:

  • Management, staffing and administration
  • Teaching, learning and assessment
  • Student welfare
  • Premises and facilities

Acheivement in all these areas awards you college accreditation by the British Accreditation Council for four years.

Is this the right scheme for you?

College accreditation is ideal for independent further education institutions which want to demonstrate the quality of their provision to students, potential students and government agencies.

We can also offer approved candidate for accreditation status for up to six months for newly established providers who are yet to recruit students.

How will it benefit you?

In addition to adding value and raising the standards of your organisation, college accreditation brings you many further benefits including:

  • Improving your status and distinction with our mark of quality
  • Keeping up to date with relevant and current information bulletins
  • Increasing your staff’s effectiveness through professional development opportunities
  • Recruiting international students on student visitor visas
  • Attracting potential students through your listing on our directory of colleges
  • Saving money with our range of discounts on professional services
  • Support and advice from our helpful and efficient team of staff

How to apply

Full details on the application and inspection process are outlined in the what is involved section. To process with the application please complete the enquiry form and send it to A member of staff will then contact you to discuss the next steps.