Dear colleagues,

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has commissioned CFE and the British Accreditation Council to provide a comprehensive picture of provision by privately funded institutions operating in the UK higher education (HE) sector.

BIS recognise that the nature of privately funded provision is complex and dynamic, and are keen to develop a more comprehensive understanding of this part of the UK HE sector. This research will incorporate a mapping exercise to compile a list of UK privately funded HE providers, along with surveys of institutions and students to compile a detailed understanding of these privately funded providers and the students who enrol with them.

Further detail regarding the study can be seen on the BIS website. I encourage all sector providers, and particularly BAC-accredited colleges, offering programmes at NQF/QCF level 4 and above to engage fully in this research. It offers an excellent opportunity to counter perceptions of the private HE sector and emphasise the scope, potential and quality of provision.

If you would like to register your institution’s interest in being involved in the research, please contact or feel free to contact BAC to discuss the studies in more detail (0300 330 1400).

Best wishes,

Dr Gina Hobson

Chief Executive