Boston City Campus

Independent Higher Education institution accredited since 23/05/2018 Head of Institution Dr Hendrik Botha Telephone + 27 832671567 Email Website Curriculum Boston City Campus & Business College (BCC) offers programmes across a range of business, management, human resources, accounting and finance, marketing, public relations, hospitality, wellness and lifestyle and occupational areas. There are three categories of [...]

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Brickhills Consulting Ltd

Short course provider accredited since 26/09/2019 Head of Institution Tim Dingle Telephone 0203 984 5096 Email Website Curriculum Brickhills Consulting offers skills-based courses in areas such as management, leadership, mediation and negotiation skills, as well as technical courses for employees in the oil and gas sectors. Examples of specific course titles are Effective [...]

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British College, The

Independent Higher Education institution accredited since 19/07/2021 Head of Institution Mary Bishop Telephone +977 (1) 5970003 Email Website Curriculum The British College offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including in Business Administration and Management, Computing and Information Technology (IT), and Hospitality. The degree programmes are awarded by the University of the [...]

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Bullseye Academy

Online, Distance and Blended Learning provider accredited since 21/07/2023 Head of Institution Alexander Ng Telephone 0203 713 4652 Email Website Curriculum The Academy offers programmes in financial trading that cover technical analysis, trading psychology, macro- and micro-economic analysis, and the development of a sustainable and consistent trading strategy. The Academy offers a Certificate [...]

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CAA International Ltd

Short course provider accredited since 29/10/2009 Head of Institution Maria Rueda Telephone 01293 768700 Email Website Curriculum Certification programmes in Accountable Manager (Aerodromes), Accountable Manager AOC, Advanced Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance, Aerodrome Operations, Aerodrome Safeguarding, Airworthiness, Airwothiness Surveyor, Audit Techniques, Cabin Safety Inspector Theory, Dangerous Goods Inspector, Design Approved Organisations Schemes, EASA [...]

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Cambridge Dream

Short course provider accredited since 16/04/2015 Head of Institution Laura Davies Telephone 01829 271800 Fax Email Website Curriculum Cambridge Dream Limited was founded with the objective of providing short residential courses at Girton College Cambridge. The target age group are 15-17 year olds who aspire to study at world class universities in the UK [...]

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Cambridge International Academy

Short course provider accredited since 28/04/2017 Head of Institution Dr Jonathan Fearon-Jones Telephone 07534 904972 Email Website Curriculum The Academy offers short courses of two weeks in length for international students, who wish to experience studying at a British university. The courses are divided into the Oxbridge Candidates Course (OCC), which includes modules [...]

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Cambridge Muslim College

Independent Higher Education institution accredited since 20/06/2013 Head of Institution Timothy Winter Telephone 01223 355235 Fax 01223 355568 Email Website Curriculum The College offers a Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership. The Diploma course has three inter-related aims: 1. To enable students to understand and engage with contemporary debates about the role of [...]

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Cambridge Seminars College

College accredited since 16/04/1987 Head of Institution Phil Scherb Telephone 01223 313464 / 01223 300123 Email Website Curriculum GCSE, A-Level, Easter Revision, University Foundation, Certification programmes in Art & Design, Business, Social Sciences, English Language, Performing Arts, Humanities, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science Reports Cambridge Seminars College - Interim and Supplementary Inspection Report (New/Additional [...]

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CAMSIS Education

Short course provider accredited since 09/06/2022 Head of Institution Vimunchalee Dulyasittikorn Telephone 07708 091891 Email Website Curriculum CAMSIS Education offers short courses in business and entrepreneurship and school improvement. Reports CAMSIS Education - Stage 2 Inspection Report - May 2022 CAMSIS Education - Stage 3 Inspection Report - July 2023

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