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Cambridge Dream

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The Old Bakery, High Street, Farndon, Chester, United Kingdom CH3 6PU

Short course provider accredited since 16/04/2015

Head of Institution
Laura Davies

01829 271800




Cambridge Dream Limited was founded with the objective of providing short residential courses at Girton College Cambridge. The target age group are 15-17 year olds who aspire to study at world class universities in the UK or the USA. The emphasis will be on Cambridge University but it may encompass other universities such as Oxford in the future. With a mixture of workshops, lectures and practical exercises supported by mentors and staff from Cambridge University, the programme seeks to prepare potential applicants for the university admissions process and the wider life skills valued by employers.


Cambridge Dream - Re-accreditation Inspection Report - July 2019

Cambridge Dream - Stage 2 Inspection Report- January 2024

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