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Cambridge Muslim College

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14 St Paul's Rd, Cambridge, United Kingdom, United Kingdom CB1 2EZ

Independent Higher Education institution accredited since 20/06/2013

Head of Institution
Timothy Winter

01223 355235

01223 355568



The College offers a Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership. The Diploma course has three inter-related aims: 1. To enable students to understand and engage with contemporary debates about the role of religion in general, and Islam in particular, in modern society. 2. To encourage the students to be compassionate and reliable spiritual and pastoral advisors to Muslims and others. 3. To equip students with practical skills to make them more effective leaders of Muslim institutions and to enhance their prospects for further education and work. Each term the College invites leading scholars and practitioners to take part in covering the six modules (out of 18 in a year) such as: Science in the World Today, Introduction to Western Intellectual History, Islam and Religious Pluralism, Sacred Art and Architecture of the World, Modern Religious Thinkers, Introduction to Astronomy, Introduction to World Religions and Inter-Faith Dialogue, and Effective Community Leadership and Development.


Cambridge Muslim College - Interim Inspection Report - June 2020

Cambridge Muslim College -  Re-accreditation Inspection Report - January 2023

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