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Capernwray Bible School

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Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 1AG, United Kingdom

Short course provider accredited since 16/07/2019

Head of Institution
Derek Burnside

01524 733908



Capernwray Bible School is an international and interdenominational Christian bible school that offers a short-term Bible School course at Level 3. The course is offered as a ten-week spring school, a 22-week winter school or both courses can be combined into a one-year school.


Capernwray Bible School - Interim Inspection Report - October 2020

Capernwray Bible School - Supplementary (Change of Management/Staffing) Inspection Report - July 2022

Capernwray Bible School - Re-accreditation Inspection Report - October 2023

Following the provision of evidence, the action points from this inspection are now met - May 2024

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