Historically Accredited Providers

The list below is of historically accredited providers who’s accreditation from BAC ended after 29 March 2019. The provider’s most recent inspection report is available for view.

If you would like to view inspection reports from providers who held BAC accreditation prior to March 2019, please make a written enquiry to info@the-bac.org stating the name of the provider and BAC will email you a copy of their most recent report.


Friends Therapeutic Community Trust

Interim inspection Jul2016

Full inspection Apr2015


Galaxy International Education

End of Suspension review Dec2018

Interim inspection Aug2017

Full inspection Mar2015


London College of International Business Studies

Supplementary inspection Sep2017

Interim inspection Nov2015

Full inspection Nov2013


New Century

Interim inspection Nov2017

Full inspection Sep2016


Petroconsult Energy

Interim inspection Dec2016

Full re-accreditation inspection Oct2014


Ray Procter Group

Full re-accreditation inspection Sep2018



Stage 2 inspection Feb2019