Historically Accredited Providers

The list below is of historically accredited providers. The provider’s most recent inspection report is available for view, and they will be listed below for two years following withdrawal.

If you would like to view inspection reports from providers who held BAC accreditation in the past and who are not listed below, please make a written enquiry to info@the-bac.org giving the details of the provider.

Name of organisationDate accreditation withdrawnRecent inspection reports
Melantra Media & Training17 August 2021Full inspection Sep2019
IMechE Argyll Ruane31 August 2021Supplementary inspection Dec2018

Interim inspection May2018

Full re-accreditation inspection Mar2017
International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC)31 August 2021Interim inspection Nov2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Nov2018
Karuna Institute31 August 2021Interim inspection Jun2020

Full re-accreditation inspection Apr2018
Ardmay House International Summer School2 September 2021Interim inspection Aug2017

Full inspection Jul2016
Knightsbridge Trading Academy13 August 2021
Supplementary inspection Sep2020

Interim inspection Nov2018

Full inspection Jun2018
VUZF University02 September 2021Interim inspection Dec2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Sep2017
Ethan Hathaway15 September 2021
Interim inspection Nov2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Nov2017
Wild Code School London29 September 2021
Full inspection Jan2020
Inspire Education (UK) Ltd18 October 2021Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2019
International Faculty of Finance (IFF)01 November 2021Full re-accreditation inspection Jun2019
New Beacon Group03 November 2021Interim inspection Aug2020

Stage 3 inspection Apr2019
Summit Education Enterprise03 November 2021Random spot check Aug2018

Interim inspection Aug2017

Full inspection Jul2016
Wise Owl English Language23 November 2021Interim inspection Jul2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017
Varsity Summer Camps29 November 2021Full re-accreditation inspection Aug2019
Stapleford Flight Centre10 December 2021Interim inspection Dec2018

Full re-accreditation inspection Sep2016
ACI Learning27 January 2022Probation review Feb2021

Full re-accreditation inspection Apr2018
Zing Performance31 January 2022Interim inspection Apr2019

Supplementary inspection Feb2018

Full inspection Sep2017
Dartington Music Summer School and Festival1 February 2022Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2019
College of Central London29 April 2022Interim inspection Nov2020

Full re-accreditation inspection Mar2018
Findhorn College9 May 2022Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2019
JoStudy English Academy
25 May 2022
Global Knowledge Network Training27 May 2022Full re-accreditation inspection Sep2018
Oxford EMI31 May 2022Interim inspection Dec2019

Full inspection Jul2018
IMI International Management Institute1 June 2022Interim inspection Sep2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017
Your English Summer16 June 2022Stage 3 full inspection Jul2019
Wallace College4 July 2022Full re-accreditation inspection Apr2019
Omega Intelligent Solutions7 July 2022Interim inspection Apr2020

Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017
Bath Academy of Media Makeup13 July 2022Interim inspection Jan2021

Full re-accreditation inspection Feb2019
KS Dance4 August 2022Full inspection May2018

Interim inspection Jul2019
Wren Kitchens Manufacturing Training Academy4 August 2022Interim inspection Dec2020

Full inspection Oct2019
XKeys Ltd4 August 2022Interim inspection Jul2018

Stage 3 inspection Jul2017
IMA International23 August 2022Interim inspection Oct2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Oct2017
Young Film Academy7 November 2022Interim inspection Nov2018

Stage 3 inspection Aug2017
Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts5 January 2023Probation review Aug2019

Probation review Nov2018

Full re-accreditation inspection Mar2018
JARE Airline Training Partnership28 February 2023Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017
Summer Academy30 March 2023Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2019
International Language College11 April 2023Interim inspection Nov2022

Full inspection Jun2021
Oxford Global Exchanges CIC24 April 2023Stage 2 candidacy Feb2020
Iver Make-up Academy5 May 2023Full re-accreditation inspection Feb2022
Windsor English15 May 2023
FTA Global6 June 2023Interim inspection Jun2020

Full re-accreditation inspection Jun2018
Varna University of Management28 June 2023Interim inspection Oct2017

Full re-accreditation inspection Dec2016
Hyper Island12 July 2023Interim inspection Jun2021

Full re-accreditation inspection Jun2019
IASeminars26 July 2023Interim inspection Jun2021

Full re-accreditation inspection Dec2019
Operational Mobilisation26 July 2023Interim inspection Nov2020

Full re-accreditation inspection Jun2018
EFL Language Centres7 August 2023
Pamela Steele Associates10 August 2023Full re-accreditation inspection Oct2020