Historically Accredited Providers

The list below is of historically accredited providers. The provider’s most recent inspection report is available for view, and they will be listed below for two years following withdrawal.

If you would like to view inspection reports from providers who held BAC accreditation in the past and who are not listed below, please make a written enquiry to info@the-bac.org giving the details of the provider.

Name of organisationDate accreditation withdrawnRecent inspection reports
Friends Therapeutic Community Trust31 July 2019Interim inspection Jul2016

Full inspection Apr2015
London College of International Business Studies8 August 2019Supplementary inspection Sep2017

Interim inspection Nov2015

Full inspection Nov2013
Orion Pax Institute20 August 2019Interim inspection Oct2017

Supplementary inspection Oct2015

Full inspection Apr2015
Real Training3 September 2019Interim inspection Apr2015
Profad Quality Training10 October 2019Random spot check inspection Jan2018

Interim inspection Sep2015

Full inspection Nov2014
Elegant International College10 October 2019Interim inspection Jul2017

Random spot check inspection Mar2016

Full inspection Aug2015
RED Academy UK10 October 2019Full inspection Apr2018
Aberdeen Drilling School31 October 2020Full inspection Sep2018
Foundation for International Education28 February 2020Interim inspection Mar2018

Interim inspection Apr2016
Pioneer Project Contracting Company (Projeco)28 February 2020Interim inspection Oct2016

Full inspection Jun2015
Covent Garden Academy of Flowers31 March 2020Full inspection Jan2019
Orange Tree Courses22 May 2020Interim inspection Aug2018

Stage 3 full inspection Jul2017
ITO Japanese Language27 May 2020Full inspection Dec2017
The Flute Studio2 June 2020Interim inspection Mar2019

Full inspection Feb2017
Universidad Chileno Britanica de Cultura1 July 2020Full inspection Jul2019
CIEE Study Abraod London8 July 2020Full inspection May2019
Hamlets Training Centre30 July 2020Interim inspection Dec2018

Full inspection Nov2016
LRTT30 July 2020Interim inspection Feb2020

Full inspection Nov2017
Iver Make-up Academy31 July 2020Supplementary inspection Aug2019

Interim inspection Jul2017

Full inspection May2016
American University of Culture & Education7 August 2020Interim inspection Mar2019

Full inspection May2016
Professional Institute of Marketing & Business Studies (PIMBS)17 August 2020Interim inspection Jul2018

Full inspection Aug2017
Redcliffe College1 September 2020Random spot check inspection Nov2019

Interim inspection Nov2017

Full inspection Aug2016
Bruton Lloyd21 September 2020Full inspection Sep2018
FCL College13 October 2020Interim inspection Dec2019

Full inspection Oct2016
CGG Services13 October 2020Full inspection Oct2019
Helicentre Aviation13 October 2020Interim inspection Sep2018

Full inspection Jul2017
Oxbridge International Summer School20 October 2020Interim inspection Jul2019

Full inspection Aug2017
Cantab Academy10 November 2020Interim inspection Oct2018 (formerly Wedge Education)

Full inspection Sep2017 (formerly Wedge Education)
British Academy of Jewellery14 December 2020Interim inspection Aug 2017

Full inspection Oct2016 (formerly Holts Academy)
Edgware Academy08 February 2021Interim inspection Apr2019

Supplementary inspection Apr2017

Full inspection Nov2016
Gledus25 February 2021Stage 3 full inspection Oct2019
London Stock Exchange Group Academy - London campus01 March 2021Interim inspection Mar2020

Full inspection Feb2019
Girne American University - Canterbury25 March 2021Full inspection Nov2018
Oxford Study Courses21 May 2021Supplementary inspection Dec2019

Interim inspection Jul2019

Full inspection Aug2017
Aerospace Inspection Training26 May 2021Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017

Interim inspection Sep2019
International School of Aerospace NDT26 May 2021Interim inspection May2019

Supplementary inspection Oct2018

Supplementary inspection May2017

Full re-accreditation inspection Jan2017
Mulberry House SCTV28 May 2021Interim inspection May2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Apr2017
Lavender International01 July 2021Interim inspection Jun2019

Full re-accreditation inspection Jul2017