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Hammersmith Training Consult Ltd

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4 Cambridge Court, 210 Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith, London W6 7NJ, United Kingdom

Short course provider accredited since 05/12/2013

Head of Institution
Mr Sirjeel Zafar Khan

020 8748 7481



The Hammersmith Training Consult (HTC) offers a range of short courses globally to participants largely employed at managerial level in a wide range of international roles. Trainers, training managers and officers, and senior executives are the most usual attendees and courses are normally of one week or two weeks'duration. HTC is comprised of various 'course faculties' which are the basis of the training programmes. These include Human Resources, Leadership and Management, Communications and Public Relations, Finance and Accounting, Public Governance, Law and Compliance, Legislature, and Oil and Gas.


Hammersmith Training Consult - Re-accreditation Inspection Report - May 2018

Hammersmith Training Consult - Interim Inspection Report - March 2020

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