BAC webinars programme

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13 May 20212:00 PM GMT Preparing for a full / re-accreditation inspectionThe Chief Inspector will outline some of the main organisational and preparational things providers should do, to ensure their BAC inspection runs smoothly.£60
(free to BAC accredited providers/inspectors)
17 June 20212:00 PM GMT PREVENT strategy – extremism & radicalisation: Meeting BAC’s requirementsThe Chief Inspector will discuss the policies and requirements that providers will need to have in place in order to meet the Key Indicators relating to radicalisation and extremism within the BAC accreditation schemes.£60
(free to BAC accredited providers/inspectors)
8 July 20212:00 PM GMT Completing the BAC self-evaluation reportAll BAC accredited providers or those applying for BAC accreditation have to complete a Self-Evaluation Report (SER) before a full or re-accreditation inspection takes place. Completing the report is a reflective process, through which the provider considers how their organisation meets or does not meet the inspection standards and key indicators against which the BAC inspectors will assess the organisation. In this webinar, the Chief Inspector will go through the SER and discuss how providers should complete the report and the type of data to include as supporting evidence within the report.£60
(free to BAC accredited providers/inspectors)
12 August 20212:00 PM GMT Preparing your application for BAC accreditationWe will look at what documentation is needed to provide a full application to BAC. A step by step guide to submitting an application for accreditation.£60
(free to BAC accredited providers/inspectors)

*  BAC webinars are free for BAC accredited providers and BAC Inspectors.