On 3 October 2019, BAC held its annual inspectors’ training day. This event was led by the Chief Inspector, Diana Morriss, and was attended by 33 inspectors, including two student inspectors and several BAC staff members. It was held at a venue in Hatton Garden in central London.

The event included presentations by the Accreditation Manager and the Chief Inspector on current inspection and accreditation activities including the launch, on 1 September 2019,  of the revised Short Course Provider (SCP) accreditation scheme. The training focus of the event related to the use of two case studies, based on the Independent Higher Education (IHE) accreditation scheme and the revised SCP scheme, that the inspectors reviewed in order to make judgments as to the extent to which the two case study organisations met the standards. This led to a lively debate and the feedback, after the event, was very positive regarding the usefulness of discussing these matters within the inspectorate group and exchanging views in order to achieve a good level of consistency when making such judgments.