As providers are looking to confirm the organisation of their summer schools, questions are being asked about what qualifications their English Language Teachers should hold.

The following are considered by BAC as acceptable qualifications

  • TrintyCert
  • TrintyDip
  • QTS in English Language/ESOL

It is possible that other TEFL qualifications could be accepted, but the emphasis would be on the training provider to ensure the course content that led to the TEFL qualification was rigorous, and the trainee gained classroom experience.

Unfortunately, this sector of the industry is not regulated so any college can set up a TEFL teaching course and produce a certificate which states the holder is qualified to teach ESOL/EFL.  There are online courses where the participant never steps into a classroom, but they complete the course and then are declared qualified to teach.

It is also possible other qualifications, such as Masters in English Language Teaching, could be accepted, but again the emphasis is on the training provider that the holder also has appropriate classroom experience.

If you wish to discuss further with Rosie Fairfax, Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Manger, please contact to arrange a time.