The University of Sheffield’s Students’ Union President and International Officer went to Parliament on the 30th January to make a case for international students in light of the Immigration Bill proposal and the decline in students from India and China.

In an article published on The University of Sheffield website, they stated, “Our deep concern is that the UK’s reputation as a welcoming host for international students is being damaged by negative messages associated with concerns about immigration more widely. This is both unjust and unhelpful. International students as a body are an asset to this country, and their economic benefit dramatically outweighs any costs…”

The University has joined forces with the Home Office, British Council, Universities UK, and UKCISA among others to develop promotional videos for China and India to help combat the damaging stereotypes about studying in the UK.

What do you think about the Immigration Bill? Is it affecting your international student numbers? Have you received feedback from students or educational agents?