“I had no plans to change jobs this year and absolutely no intention of moving to a very different part of the sector. I started my career at the University of Exeter and stayed there throughout a period of growth and change, during which it moved firmly towards the top of the league tables.

After a year on secondment at the Government Economic Service, I took up the role of head of the College of Business, Economics and Law at Swansea University. I certainly hadn’t ruled out a move to a different type of university as my career progressed, but nor did I see myself going into the independent sector. So how and why do I find myself at Greenwich School of Management (GSoM) this autumn?

After ignoring a number of messages and emails from the headhunters, I finally picked up the phone one afternoon and was persuaded to drop by when I was next in London. That happened to be on a sunny day, a couple of weeks later; I went there expecting to be unimpressed and to be able to draw a line under the approach and yet within an hour I had been completely blown away.

I walked into a place that was full of lively students, that seemed well resourced and organised and that sat at the heart of the community. As an economist, I always try to make decisions rationally and I am confident I did so this time, but there’s no doubt that I also felt a very strong emotional pull to GSoM.”

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