Q. How do I know if my institution is eligible?

We offer two international accreditation schemes. The Independent higher education accreditation scheme is designed for those institutions solely or predominately offering courses at higher education levels and which have a formal recognised relationship with a higher education institution or a Royal Chartered Body inside the UK. The international centre accreditation scheme is designed for institutions [...]

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Q. Why would I want international accreditation?

BAC accreditation is highly regarded and widely valued as a mark of quality. It distinguishes your institution as a quality provider in an increasingly crowded and competitive market place. As we have been established for over a quarter of a century, holding this accreditation assures students, parents and other stakeholders that your institution has been [...]

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Q. What are the main benefits of accreditation?

Accreditation benefits both the institution and its students. The institution is awarded a mark of quality; accreditation by an independent and well-established national body, which is recognised in the UK and internationally. Your standards should improve due to the invaluable advice from our inspectors who have extensive knowledge of the sector. Accredited institutions also receive [...]

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Q. How do I gain accreditation?

The details for this are laid out in our Accreditation Handbook. In brief, you would complete the application form for your chosen scheme and, once your application demonstrates that you are ready for an inspection, this will be arranged. An inspection will then be conducted by BAC’s highly experienced inspectors against published BAC standards and [...]

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Q. How long does the application process take?

This depends largely on the quality of the initial application. If the application form is completed in full and all relevant supporting documentation submitted at the time of application, it may be possible to complete review of your application within four weeks, schedule an accreditation inspection within eight weeks and for accreditation to be awarded [...]

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