Mennta Energy Solutions (formerly Oxford Princeton Programme) offers commercial training courses in oil/petroleum, natural gas, LNG, LPG, power/electricity, biofuels, renewables and other aspects of today’s dynamic energy and derivatives markets including trading, hedging, risk management and the physical markets. All energy training courses are exclusively designed by expert faculty for all levels of expertise. Students may choose from live instructor-led classrooms and workshops onsite and web-based instruction.

All energy training courses are designed to equip students with comprehensive and cutting-edge learning accompanied by real-time discussion. Students interact with experts and network with the industry’s best and brightest. In addition to publicly scheduled courses, Mennta also offers customised in-house training as well as web-based training which is available 24/7. Thousands of energy business professionals from a roster of blue-chip client companies around the world utilise Mennta for their training requirements.

Date founded: 1982
Accredited since: February 2010