Micro-credentials scheme PILOT

BAC accreditation is a voluntary quality assurance scheme for independent providers of further and higher education and vocational training courses. The accreditation scheme for micro‑credentials is designed to recognise the particular qualities and distinctive character of providers that offer micro-credentials, for example, for upskilling and reskilling of participants or as part of articulation agreements with the possibility to be recognised and stacked towards a larger degree.

On account of the short and often seasonal calendar of micro-credentials, and the increased digitalisation of educational offers, providers may, according to the specific requirements of each course, deliver the course fully online or may hire a variety of training venues at external premises. The scheme can apply to one micro‑credentials (MC) course (single-course accreditation) or a suite of MC courses (multi‑course accreditation), depending on what the provider chooses.

BAC will inspect the following areas;

  • Management, Staffing and Administration
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Participant support
  • Facilities
  • Premises and facilities in the case of face-to-face delivery

Achievement in all these areas will result in accreditation by the BAC as a Micro-credentials Course Provider for four years.

Is this the right scheme for you?

The MC Scheme Document has been specifically designed to recognise the qualities and distinctive character of providers that offer micro-credentials. The MC provision is composed of courses which meet the following characteristics:

  • notional workload for the MC: 100-1000 hours;
  • form of participation (online, blended, face-to-face) is identified.
  • learning outcomes are explicit;
  • information on recognition, articulation or stackability opportunities is provided, if relevant;
  • mechanisms for the identification of the participant are applied;
  • assessment types are clearly outlined;
  • certification is issued on achievement of the learning outcomes;

Providers can be based in the UK or internationally and depending on the provider, or the national context it is situated in, courses that are designed, developed and delivered to meet the features described under the micro-credential umbrella may not necessarily use the designation of micro‑credentials. This will not impede the application for this scheme if the requirements are met. The scheme can apply to one micro‑credentials (MC) course (single-course accreditation) or a suite of MC courses (multi‑course accreditation), depending on what the provider chooses.

Read more in the MC scheme pilot – Information Sheet

Further information is available in the presentation slides from the BAC launch event for the MC scheme pilot.

How to apply

BAC is initially running the Micro-credentials scheme as a pilot for four months. During the pilot, there is no cost for the application and inspection process. There will be an annual accreditation fee from next year. If your organisation is already accredited by BAC under a different scheme, you may still be eligible to take part in the pilot. We will work with you to determine which key indicators you have already met and what is required.

The application and accreditation process is summarised below:

  • Enquiry and eligibility checks
  • Application and inspection planning
  • Inspection and report writing
  • Accreditation Committee decision

Full details on the application and inspection process are outlined in the MC Scheme Document.

When you are ready, email the enquiry form below to info@the-bac.org .

One of the BAC team will contact you to organise a meeting to discuss accreditation.