The Board of Trustees comprises of individuals who are interested and committed to ensuring rigorous quality assurance in education and training and have the necessary skills and experience to participate in the decision-making process of BAC. Trustees are all members of the Council which offers strategic leadership and oversight, ensures BAC is fully compliant with its legal obligations, and receive reports from three Committees which have delegated authority to monitor and implement BAC’s work. More information about BAC’s corporate governance can be found here

Board of Trustees
Mr Dominic Scott, OBE (Chair and Chair of Standing Committee)
Prof David Law (Vice Chair and member of the Standing Committee)
Dr Stephen Jackson (Honorary Treasurer and Chair of Audit Committee,
member of the Standing Committee)
Dr Ann Read (Chair of Accreditation Committee)
Prof Mary Bishop (Member of the Audit Committee)
Mr Kevin Everett (Member of the Audit Committee)
Dr Victoria Stec
Dr Anthony Manning (Deputy Chair of Accreditation Committee)
Mrs Esther Huertas Hidalgo
Mr Marc Griffith
Dr Nicola Mellor
Mr Alam Mahbubul

The Chair of Trustees can be contacted here.