About the Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee is responsible for awarding accreditation to institutions and has delegated authority from the trustees for awarding or declining accreditation.  The committee also oversees the development of BAC accreditation schemes and the work of the inspectorate.  As such, the committee ensures that decisions on accreditation are made independently of the officers and inspectors of the British Accreditation Council.  We believe that this arrangement is essential to maintain the integrity of the accreditation process.

BAC officers sit in committee meetings and support committee members in their decision making but have no voting rights.

The chair of the committee automatically becomes a trustee and sits on the BAC Board of Trustees.  He/she has the right to attend any committee meeting and can ask for copies of any committee meeting papers.

Applying to become an Accreditation Committee member

The committee seeks members who are interested and committed to ensuring rigorous quality assurance in education and have the necessary skills and experience to participate in the decision-making process.

Experience in the education or training sector at a senior level is necessary combined with a real commitment to quality assurance.

For the committee to consider a new committee member could you please submit a brief CV outlining your professional experience.

The committee ask for the following considerations to be kept in mind when making your decision to apply:

  1. BAC will pay UK travel expenses but cannot pay for overseas travel or hotel accommodation.
  2. There is no remuneration for sitting on the committee although, as indicated above, BAC will reimburse expenses
  3. Committee members must avoid a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest will arise when a member’s external activities may compromise the ability of the member to take impartial decision
  4. The Accreditation Committee meetings typically take place between 11.30 am – 13.30 pm on the day of a meeting. This can mean a conflict with other duties.  Candidates are asked to bear this in mind before deciding if they would like to join the committee.
  5. The committee’s work does require members to read considerable amounts of material prior to meeting. A typical estimate would be that three or four hours’ preparation time for each meeting is required.
  6. The Committee meets between 5 – 8 times every year depending on workload

Overseas Applicants

The Chair of the Accreditation Committee supports international applications.  Please note that it is envisaged that overseas applicants would be required to attend through electronic media.  BAC has the necessary software to support this but applicants will need a reliable internet connection.


if you would like to know more about the role of the Accreditation Committee and what it entails please contact Lisa Adkins.  Email: Lisa.adkins@the-bac.org

I very much hope that you will decide to submit your CV for the Accreditation Committee’s consideration.

Paul Fear