Student member of the British Accreditation Council’s Accreditation Committee.

BAC requires a Student to join its Accreditation Committee.

For information, the Accreditation Committee is responsible for awarding accreditation to institutions and has delegated authority from the BAC Council for awarding or declining accreditation. The committee ensures that decisions on accreditation are made independently of the officers and inspectors of the British Accreditation Council. This arrangement is essential to maintain the integrity of the accreditation process. BAC officers sit in committee meetings and support committee members in their decision making but have no voting rights.

The Accreditation Committee meets in full six times a year with each meeting typically lasting two to three hours. We also have shorter and ‘offline’ meetings, if necessary, in between the full meetings.

The following considerations should be kept in mind when making your decision to apply:

  1. There is no remuneration for sitting on the committee
  2. BAC will pay UK travel expenses but cannot pay for overseas travel or hotel accommodation.
  3. Committee members must avoid a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest will arise when a member’s external activities may compromise the ability of the member to take impartial decision
  4. The Accreditation Committee meetings typically take place between 1pm – 4pm on the day of a meeting. This can mean a conflict with other duties.
  5. The committee’s work does require members to read considerable amounts of material prior to meeting. A typical estimate would be that three- or four-hours’ preparation time for each meeting is required.
  6. The student member is expected to attend all Accreditation Committee meetings, except in any extenuating circumstances that will prevent this.

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If you are interested, please can you write a short expression of interest outlining why you would be suitable for the position, include your up to date CV and return to the Lisa Adkins

Thank you.