BAC has accredited colleges and other independent providers of further and higher education in the UK since 1984. Since then, BAC has grown to provide specialist accreditation schemes for colleges, short course providers and online, distance and blended learning providers.

The award of accreditation is subject to an institution meeting standards established and periodically reviewed by BAC.

The accreditation process involves a rigorous inspection focusing on five areas: premises and health and safety; management, staffing and administration; student welfare; teaching, learning and assessment; and the management of quality. Not only must an accredited institution meet and continue to meet the specific minimum standards listed for each of these areas but the inspection report must also find that the overall standard of provision in each area is satisfactory before accreditation will be awarded.

Once accredited, institutions must submit to a regular monitoring process involving annual data returns, financial analysis, and interim, supplementary and spot check inspections. They must also pay all applicable fees and maintain a transparent and constructive relationship with BAC by notifying it of any changes, responding to any requests for information and cooperating with BAC’s procedures for investigating complaints or any evidence of misfeasance.

An essential requirement of BAC accreditation is that all institutions continue to meet their statutory obligations to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Please visit our international accreditation section to learn more about our work outside the UK.