College for International Co-operation and Development

February 2, 2022 2:45 pm
Winestead Hall, Patrington, Hull, United Kingdom HU12 0NP

Short course provider accredited since 27/01/2022

Head of Institution
Karen Barsoe

01964 631826




The College for International Co-Operation and Development is a not-for-profit company offering training in sustainability, climate change and development.

Courses offered include the Gaia programme, a six-month combination of practical actions, studies, investigations, and presentations. The course includes practical projects focusing on humanitarian and environmental issues and it enables participants to raise a scholarship for other courses. The Poverty Activist programme is a 12-month course, including six months working on a development project in Africa or India. The Fighting with the Poor course is a 10-month course with six months of service.

There is also a five-month Climate Activist course that includes 11 weeks’ service relating to climate issues, and a three-month Climate Activist (UK) course.


College for International Co-operation and Development – Stage 2 Inspection Report – October 2021

College for International Co-operation and Development – Stage 3 Inspection Report – October 2022

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