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Holgate Court, Western Road, Romford RM13JS, United Kingdom

Short course provider accredited since 15/07/2010

Head of Institution
Dr Cornelius B Alalade

01708 755355

01708 755358



Certification programmes in various short courses in oil and gas, exploration, development and production training, including: Offshore Production and Subsea Systems Workshop; Drilling Engineering and Well Completion Practices; Petroleum Prospects Play Assessment and Evaluation; Oil and Gas Projects Management Workshop; Water Treatment and Injection in Oil and Gas Production; Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Evaluation, Field Development and Production Optimisation Techniques; Pipeline Design and Engineering; Advanced Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards in the Petroleum Industry; Oil and Gas Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Management; Petroleum E&P Economics; Pipeline Construction and Project Management Workshop; Advanced Application of Petroleum Economics in Oil and Gas Investment Management; Oil and Gas Production Sharing (PSC) and Service Contract Economics and Cost Recovery Workshop; Basic Oil and Gas Exploration, Drilling and Production; World Oil and Gas Fiscal Systems and analysis of E&P Contract Types; E&P Business Management Program; Petroleum Business Management Devlopment Program; Oil and Gas Materials and Contract Management; Gas Purchase and Sales Contract Negotiation and Management; Crude Oil Marketing and Shipping Operations; Oil and Gas Accounting and Budgeting in JV and PSC Operations; Budgeting Cost Control and Financial Management for (E&P) Operations.


Petroconsult Energy Co (UK) - Re-accreditation Inspection Report - October 2014

Petroconsult Energy Co (UK) - Interim Visit Report - December 2016

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