Mennta Energy Solutions

February 13, 2015 10:46 am
John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, United Kingdom OX4 4GP

Short course provider accredited since 11/02/2010

Head of Institution
Bethan Clark

01865 250521



Short courses programmes, on-site and web-based, in the gas and oil industries for entry, middle and senior management: A Disciplined Approach to Asset-based Trading in Oil Markets (ABT); A Practical Understanding of Commercial Risks in Laytime and Demurrage (TDL); Advanced Energy Derivatives Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management (DPH3); Aviation Fuels: Supply, Trading and Risk Management (AV1); Communicating and Negotiating Major Contracts in the Oil and Gas Industry (CNOG); Downstream Sales & Marketing (DSM); Energy Derivatives Markets, Instruments and Hedging (DPH1); Energy Derivatives Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management (DPH2); Energy Risk Management (ERM); Energy Value Chain (EVC); European Gas and Power Trading (EGPT); Exploring European Natural Gas Markets (EEGM); Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices (FTBO); Fundamentals of Energy Futures (FOEF); Fundamentals of Oil, Petrochemicals and Gas Shipping (TD1); Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining – A Non-Technical Introduction (FPR); Fundamentals of Refinery Economics and Blending (FREB); Fundamentals of Technical Analysis (TA); Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technology (GDT1); International Gas Contracts – Commercial Factors and Negotiations (NG5); International LNG Contracts – Commercial Factors and Negotiations (LNG5); International LPG Trading and Pricing – Supply, Shipping Contracts and Risk Management (LP2); International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trading (SP1); International Oil Trading – A Practical Approach to the Legal Issues for Successful Management of Claims & Disputes (TRL); International Oil Trading and Pricing (TR1); International Trading Operations Practice (TROP); Introduction to Renewable Energy: Resources, Technology and Commercial Opportunity (REN); Introduction to the Downstream Oil Business (DOB); Liquidity and Counterparty Risk Management (LCRM); LNG Shipping: The Centre of Global Gas Supplies Harmonising the Upstream, Downstream and Mid Stream (TDLNG); LPG – Supply, Economics, Markets and International Trading (LP1); Lubricants Refining and Manufacturing (LB5); Natural Gas in the Competitive Electricity Generation Market (NGPG); Oil Trading Orientation (OTO); Options I – Fundamentals of Energy Options (FOEO); Options II – Options Pricing and Applications (OPA); Options III – Option Strategies (OS); Overview of European Electric Power Markets (EEP); Overview of Petrochemical Processes, Catalysts and Markets (PPCM); Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations (CT); Overview of the European Natural Gas Industry (ENG); Overview of the LNG Value Chain (LNG1); Petrochemical Markets and Economics – The Impact of Feedstocks and Costs on Competitiveness and Business Strategy (CH1); Residual and Bunker Fuel Oil: Understanding the Supply Chain, Price Drivers and Technical Aspects (MFM1); Tanker Ownership, Chartering and Operations (TD2); The Aromatics Business – Markets and Economics (CH5); The Gas Chain Concept – Industry Structure, Economics, and Pricing (NG3); The Olefins Business – Markets and Economics (CH6); The Synergies of Refining, Trading and Supply (TRR); The Use of Advanced Instruments in International Oil Price Risk Management (TR3); Total Risk Management in the International Oil and Derivatives Market (TRM); Understanding the Global Lubricants Business – Regional Markets, Economic Issues and Profitability (LB1); Understanding the International Petrochemicals Business – Technology, Markets and Economics (CH0); Value-at-Risk: The Basics and Beyond (VAR).


Mennta Energy Solutions – formerly Oxford Princeton Programme – Interim Visit Report – April 2016

Mennta Energy Solutions – Re-accreditation Inspection Report – March 2018

Mennta Energy Solutions – Interim Inspection Report – October 2020


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