BAC has released its first BAC Statistics Report.  The report includes responses from 206 institutions and as such we believe it to be the most comprehensive of its kind.

The report illustrates the vibrancy of the independent sector and demonstrates not only the key role the sector plays in providing choice to students but also its commitment to quality assurance.  In the forthcoming years the data collection exercise will allow for a fuller and more detailed analysis.


  • 87% of BAC accredited institutions provided a return
  • 289 925 students studied at the above institutions
  • 247 613 students studied at UK institutions
  • 41 851 students studied at institutions located outside of the UK
  • 1472 202 students were studying through online providers
  • 71% of institutions had acted on BAC Action Points*
  • 97% of institutions have self-evaluation procedures in place designed to measure and monitor their own performance

*Action points are included in inspection reports and are designed to improve the quality of learning in accredited institutions and the sharing of best practice.

Fact File

  • 238 institutions were surveyed in total
  • Report covers the period from September 2014 to September 2015
  • BAC accredits a wide range of institutions including professional, vocational, further and higher education institutions
  • BAC is a full member of ENQA and one of two UK ENQA members