The UK application, inspection and annual accreditation fees are listed on this page. For overseas fees please contact the BAC office.

The fees on this page are correct as of 1 September 2017.  More detailed information about the fees is available in our fees brochure, which can be downloaded using the following fees brochure link Fees Brochure


 Application fees

  • New institution: £2150 (£500 non-refundable application fee plus £1650 deposit against first inspection)
  • Accredited institutions: £1650 (deposit against re-accreditation inspection)

Inspection fees

  • All full inspections e.g Candidacy, Stage 3, full accreditation or re-accreditation: £1650 plus £450 per inspector per day
  • Stage 3 inspection – discount of £500 will be applied to above fees, if inspection is conducted within 6 months

  • Supplementary inspection (full day): £800

  • Supplementary inspection (half day): £500

  • Interim visit: No charge

  • Spot check: £800 (no fee if institution selected at random for routine quality monitoring)

  • Cancellation of inspection with less than four weeks’ notice: £100 per inspector per day (plus any expenses already incurred)

  • Appeal hearing: £1500 (to be refunded if appeal not dismissed)

Notes on fees:

  1. The annual accreditation fee is payable by all accredited institutions and approved candidates for accreditation.
  2. A pro-rata accreditation fee is payable by institutions awarded accreditation or approved as candidates for accreditation during the year.
  3. There is a nominal fee for replacement of certificates.
  4. Fees are subject to possible change every September.


Colleges and Independent HE institutions

  • Unit fee (£ per FTE student): £14
  • Minimum annual fee cap: £1400
  • Maximum annual fee cap: £8000

Short course providers (UK only)

  • Unit fee (£ per course day): £16
  • Minimum annual fee cap: £400
  • Maximum annual fee cap: £3750

Short course providers (UK and international provision)

UK provision charged as above, with additional surcharge for international delivery of:

  • Up to 499 course days delivered outside of the UK: £500
  • 500 or more course days delivered outside of the UK: £1000

Online, distance and blended learning providers

  • Minimum annual fee cap (1-1000 enrolled students): £1500
  • 1001-4000 enrolled students: £2000
  • 4001-8000 enrolled students: £2600
  • Maximum annual fee (over 8,000 enrolled students): £3200